Past Events


No Future for San Francisco

San Francisco, California

If you’re going to do battle with the future, you must reckon with the gale winds of technofuturist banality that have. . .


No Future for Portland

Portland, Oregon

Portland, native habitat of the new millennial hipster, and all-purpose punchline for basic-cable snarkfests, deserves a break.


No Future for Seattle

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is both the seat of the Bill Gates empire and the home of the last century’s most confrontational anti-globalization protests.


No Future for Chicago

Chicago, Illinois

Ah, Chicago—city of broad shoulders, fabled town of toddling, and world-class capital of political corruption. Return with. . .


No Future for You!

New York, New York

Once upon a time, in the heyday of social prognostication, many Americans believed that gadget-related knowledge would surely yield. . .


Feminism for What?

New York, New York

Feminism for What? Equality in the Workplace after Lean In
For over a year Sheryl Sandberg’s blockbuster of feminist. . .

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