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Now here’s a tale to buoy you through our time of sinking expectations. The Baffler Foundation Inc. is a tax-exempt organization incorporated “to promote art, science, and education by publishing a literary magazine.” We employ a core staff of editors, designers, and researchers to work in subject areas that have been largely abandoned by universities, foundations, business, and government. Together we produce not only The Baffler magazine in print and digital editions, but also books, a daily blog, symposia, lectures, and events around the country. Yes, we have tote bags, too.

Give us your support and help us grow the Foundation the right way, building the legacy of the magazine that’s been blunting the cutting edge since 1988. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to The Baffler Foundation, right here on this page. Thank you!

Other People’s Opinions

“Eye-opening and irascible, hopeful but not optimistic . . . offers a clear-eyed perspective on post-recession America and pays readers the ultimate compliment of being able to think for themselves.” Publishers Weekly

“The original ethos seems largely intact: beautifully discontented prose written by people who’d rather be out scrapping. Quite right, too.” Guardian

“Like The Baffler of old, the sharpest pieces are readable and show a caustic, playful ability to zero in on a pie-eyed media hypnotized by the zeitgeist.” Chicago Tribune

“If you have a critical bone left in your aching postmillennial body, you owe it to yourself to seek out this avatar of a new level of intelligent polemic.” — Santa Barbara Independent

“More beautiful, more timely, and more relevant than ever.” Columbia Journalism Review

“A murderer’s row of lefty thinkers . . . a powerful summation of the systemic challenges we face as a nation, and a welcome reminder that we need strong, dissenting voices like The Baffler more than ever.” Boston Globe

“If arch anticapitalist rhetoric and scatological takedowns of corporate media aren’t your cuppa, The Baffler publishes a nice variety of fiction and poetry, too. Have at it.” The Paris Review

“A compendium of literary curveballs.” New York Times

“Did our system ever work? Will it ever? The fact that it is not working right now is rendered sadder by our knowledge of the U.S. Constitution. If you want to feel sadder still, read The Baffler.” — William T. Vollmann

“Viva la Baffler!” — Jonathan Franzen