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Issue no. 14
April 2001

The God That Sucked

An issue about that ungracious deity, the Market, which starts off by wondering why Americans continue to love their shabby god when it sure doesn’t love them back. Mike Newirth narrates the awful story of the gun culture. Josh Glenn blames youth quiescence on the brainwashing power of OK Soda. Clive Thompson describes Conrad Black’s effort to bring an American-style backlash to Canada. Earl Shorris recalls his personal fight with the neocons. Chris Lehmann traces the long history of the liberal-media myth. Harper’s magazine publisher John R. MacArthur remembers the backlash election of 1972 and the sparsely populated political group Republicans for McGovern. Martha Bridegam ponders the beginnings of the real estate bubble in booming San Francisco. With fiction from Christopher Sorrentino and Leon Forrest, plus a legendary illuminated cover by Mark Dancey. A classic issue—at the printer when fire destroyed the Baffler office in Chicago. Spring 2001.

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