The conifer of forever

Stood tall in the forest.

Lumberjacks passed by

And took out their saws.


The stump was forever


The elephants of forever

Were shot down by poachers.

Their bodies were left to

Rot on the desert floor.


The tusks were forever


A hydroelectric dam

Was built across the river

Of forever. It created

Many jobs and much power.


The cost was forever


The protesters of forever

Demonstrated in the streets

They were tear gassed by

Police. Many were beaten.


The air and skin were forever


The car of forever

Pulled into a service station.

Employees and customers

Oohed and aahed.


The keys were forever


Tickets to the show

Of forever were on sale.

The night of the show

Ushers were at the gates.


The stubs were forever


A mugger assaulted

An unarmed pedestrian.

The man did not have

The money of forever.


The gun was forever


The lovers of forever

Looked at each other in bed.

They made love again.


The break up was forever


The author of forever

Signed ten thousand copies

Of his bestselling book.


The readers were forever


A dieter on the diet

Of forever stepped onto

The scale and looked down.


The number was forever


A shoplifter tripped

An alarm while leaving

The mall of forever.


The parking lot was forever


A poet who was working on

The work of forever

Wrote a poem of forevers.


The poem was over.

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