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  • WV-13

    Whale Vomit: Syphilis, Baby

    Sam Kriss, Amber A’Lee Frost

    Amber and Sam rehash the news at home and abroad, from the Dutch election to the all-American Fat Leonard scandal, taking in along the way the great syphilis explosion of 2014 and George Orwell’s most romantic work, 1984.

  • B34_Kriss_opener

    Psephology in Free Fall

    Sam Kriss Issue No. 34

      Sometimes you have to wince. The 2016 election was full of awful, cringing moments: “Pokémon Go to the polls.” The mere existence of Jeb Bush. The strange, silent, static confusion as a whole clutch… Read More »

  • WV-13

    The Baffler presents: Whale Vomit

    Amber A’Lee Frost, Sam Kriss

    Episode 1: Amber and Sam get the measure of the last fortnight’s most important news, covering everything from Trump’s well cooked steak with ketchup to Mark Zuckerberg’s presidential potential. With cameos from Carl Sagan, man in the state of nature, the nation of Sweden, and Dame Judi Dench.

  • / Håkan Dahlström


    Sam Kriss

    Why didn’t Donald Trump just piss on the bed himself? Everything else about the story makes sense; it doesn’t really matter whether it’s accurate or not. The rest of the allegations against Trump—that he’s a… Read More »

  • Liberals have been falling all over themselves to cast Ronald Reagan in forgiving sepia tones. / Gage Skidmore

    Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before

    Sam Kriss

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but how could the American people have given their highest public office to a man who is so clearly an idiot? Not just any ordinary lunkhead, but… Read More »

  • Miles of merchandise. / majunznk

    Just Plain Nasty

    Sam Kriss

    “It wasn’t just Hillary Clinton you insulted,” they say, “it was me. I’m a nasty woman too.” This was inevitable. As soon as Donald Trump interrupted Clinton in Vegas, in the middle of a deeply… Read More »

  • Joel Bombardier

    Cars Entering and Leaving Mosul

    Sam Kriss

    What they don’t tell you about the battle for Mosul is how boring it is, hour by hour, day by day. From my vantage point near the Iraqi village of Bartella, ISIS positions are visible… Read More »

  • The New Atheists

    Village Atheists, Village Idiots

    Sam Kriss Issue No. 32

        Something has gone badly wrong with our atheists. All these self-styled intellectual titans, scientists, and philosophers have fallen horribly ill. Evolutionist faith-flayer Richard Dawkins is a wheeling lunatic, dizzy in his private world… Read More »

  • The villains in Suicide Squad leave something to be desired. / lordbrick

    The Ho-Hum Squad

    Sam Kriss

    Some time in April 2015, Jared Leto sent someone to throw a dead pig on a table during the rehearsals for Suicide Squad. Those who were present at the time recount their shock and fear… Read More »