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Spock’s Brain

is lost somewhere in the galaxy,

stolen by the terrible androids

of Omicron 9. Space aliens, dangerous

sirens, libidinal and lust-crazy

with weaponized utility bracelets.

   (Screenplays of the 60s.)


 Bugs Bunny—aka the Masked Marauder—doesn’t

live in Sherwood Forest,

that’s Robin Hood. But Bugs does wield a carrot,

half-eaten and pointed like a pistol, some place in the desert.


Eventually, Spock gets his brain back,

wearing a shade of purple eyeliner

J says she likes.


I fall asleep in the desert and dream of Sherwood Forest,


encamped among trees that form an impressive 401K

  (Yet wake with barely bagel money.)


When my grandmother died my family bought her a star.

Or bought the name of a star to honor her memory:


coordinates of a distant place

already gone by now.