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all like me not writing back to nobody. Pa say anybody,

no mind who, address you with less than respect, you not

to privilege with neither attention nor reply. same like I

not speaking for those who have no voice. is not suppose we

suppose to be telling story from God make Adam happy give

him Eve for company? as for centre and periphery, them

two depend on stage, time, age, if plague still passing or

done pass, if fence make to deter a next stray dog or restrain

rabblement, barbarian come to breach what armour never

reach. look see how much man dead at Benghazi, one so-so

white woman but who to know down the road a whole country?

you think God easy? is not voice people lack. is ears to hear.

absent who dispose to listen, what use to talk back, talk

for all who can’t talk, talk from anywhere to anywhere?