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Partially Scripted Nuclear Script

As for scorching script

as for psychological pallor

there is brinksmanship

there is kindled ruin

as mythological pathogen

as illuminated cinder

perhaps as audacious centipede

as for molecules in motion

script remains exploded & reconfigured as curious mirage

being molecule as plague

as stark but ferocious cinder

as far as dark embellished dragons myths occur

that broker their own state

not solely as wonder

or intrinsic cognition

so a secretive maze transpires

not as harried cornucopia or spell

but conjoined sensation as palpable root

sans bifurcation as transactional priority

but power that wafts as menacing

compelled by saffron or greenish motif

being greenish desert as dark inevitable confusion

not as power akin to impalpable tourniquet

not as power akin to functionless eagles in flight

perhaps speech sequestered by palindromic anaemia

as fallen branches by spells

being divination by root

by inevitable figmentation as shifting ozonal mesmerics

being gargantuan annealment

not as plagiarized photonics

or absolute inferiority as juncture