This is a dog. / Giphy
The Baffler,  May 25, 2016

Daily Bafflements

This is a dog. / Giphy


• Peter Thiel, cofounder of PayPal and Palantir Technologies, seems to have a finger in every pie. According to a report from Forbes, it turns out that the tech billionaire has been bankrolling Hulk Hogan’s, a.k.a. Terry Bollea’s, lawsuit against Gawker. While it’s unclear how or why Thiel is backing Hogan’s litigation efforts, he’s on the record as having a longstanding grudge against the company, which outed him as gay in 2007 and has written extensively about his bizarre right-wing politics. But, hey, so have we

• Although Thiel, a Trump supporter who just happens to think that women being able to vote ruined democracy, continues to pose a significant threat to American politics, there is some good news! That is, Mary Lou Bruner—a nutjob conspiracy theorist running for the Texas Board of Education—has lost her shot at political office! Too bad; we really needed more school textbooks telling the “truth” about Obama’s days living as a gay prostitute in order to pay for his drug habit . . . 

• Like Bernie Sanders? You’ll love Karl Polanyi

• Meet the men who live like dogs.

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