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Issue no. 12
March 1999

Then Came Nylon

Contains Thomas Frank’s classic essay, “New Consensus for Old,” in which he lays waste to the academic field of cultural studies. Plus: Jim Arndorfer stands in awe of the multilayered historical simulacrum that is Fado Irish Pub. Stephen Duncombe marvels at Cadillac, the historical embodiment of the aspirations of the middle class. Bryan Urstadt gives a blow-by-blow account of the luxuries of a major automobile press jaunt. We unearth a forgotten fictional delicacy by Thomas Beer. Christian Parenti offers a slab of gritty reporting on the California prison system. Loïc Wacquant translates Pierre Bourdieu’s treatise on neoliberal thought. Plus: Rock n roll is dead, and Mike O’Flaherty says that late capitalism killed it. Also: beautiful cover art by Patrick Welch. March 1999.

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