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Thursday, January 24, 2019
8:00 p.m.

The Bad Society: Gauche, The Sediment Club, and Alice Cohen

Secret Project Robot
1186 Broadway
Brooklyn, New York

JANUARY 24, 2019—Please join The Baffler for an evening of music, readings, and conversation as we celebrate our first issue of 2019, Pilgrim’s Regress, and inaugurate THE BAD SOCIETY, our new series of concerts and talks for the disaffected and generally pissed-off.

What better soundtrack for the occasion than anti-racist, anti-capitalist feminist post-punk ensemble GAUCHE? Traveling from Washington, D.C., for the occasion, the trio of Mary Jane Regalado, Daniele Yandel, and Jason Barnett plus a cast of collaborators will play songs from their 2015 Sister Polygon EP as well as their forthcoming debut full-length. As Gauche put it themselves, the songs are like “a manifesto in the form of mythology; each song a new myth, a new possibility for existence within alienating and consumerist society.”

Joining Gauche are THE SEDIMENT CLUB, advocates of explosive no-wave and raw chaos for over a decade now. Their latest full-length Stucco Thieves reflects on “human bankruptcy” in America with nods against general greediness and crumbling infrastructure. NYC legend ALICE COHEN & THE CHANNEL 14 WEATHER TEAM, known for intricately layered, visual experimental pop, will play with her live band; Cohen’s exceptional 2016 full-length, her fifth solo record, meditates on escapism, identity, and consumer culture’s “churches of holy desire.”

In The Baffler’s ongoing tradition of joining left-wing political criticism with cultural analysis, merging the worlds of writing and music, the evening will also feature readings by Baffler contributors Lauren Oyler and Kate Wagner, who will discuss the theme of our new issue—the myth of progress. Commodify your dissent for the bargain price of $12 per ticket or $32 for a special ticket-plus-magazine-subscription deal. And as usual, Baffler subscribers can expect some free beverages.