Daily Bafflements

The BafflerMarch 06, 2015
Photo by Ewan Gabovich

Photo by Ewan Gabovich

• From Wired this week comes news of “A Smartwatch App That Lets Your Boss Track You Constantly.” Oh hey, cool! “It’s meant to be a social app, where people digitally ‘nudge’ each other to pick up the pace and congratulate colleagues when the job is done. Today, all this happens on desktop, laptops, and smartphones (about 50 companies are now using the existing BetterWorks service). And now [the app’s developer] is expanding into watches, so you can nudge people from your wrist.”

• Hillary Clinton gets the TMZ paparazzi treatment; she answers questions about her email secrecy (and about whether she’s running) with a smile and a wave.

• Today in Bespoke: maybe the only thing a new regulator for the BBC and Your Perfect Mascara have in common.

• Today in Billionaires: “Pharmacyclics.”