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Do you have the negative capability to contribute to The Baffler? Send your pitch through this page. Muckraking, stem-winding, take-downing, doomsaying, and howling with indescribable pain are all to be expected and duly considered—so long as they don’t lack humor. 

We’re not interested in covering celebrities; personal journeys of self discovery; attempts to mark generational touchstones; think-pieces that set out to vindicate some slick new Concept or coinage; conspiracy theories; anything occurring solely on Twitter; those dreams you tried to turn into a story while you were stoned and depressed; and “creative nonfiction.” No, thanks.

Poetry with grace and fiction with personality are most welcome; anything that sounds like an academic “workshop” or writers’ “colony” will be printed out and lit on fire.

All contributions to The Baffler are paid (a little).


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