Editor in Chief
Chris Lehmann

Senior Editor
Jonathon Sturgeon

Managing Editor
Emily Carroll

Web Editor
Lucie Elven

Associate Editor
Dave Denison

Poetry Editor
Nicole Terez Dutton

Editorial Assistant
Zach Webb

Design and Art Direction
Lindsay Ballant

Web Art Director
Jason Arias 

Contributing Editors
Barbara Ehrenreich
Susan Faludi
Evgeny Morozov
Rick Perlstein
George Scialabba
Jacob Silverman
Astra Taylor
Catherine Tumber
Eugenia Williamson

Noah McCormack

Executive Director
Valerie Cortés

Web Developer and Content Manager
James White

Dolores Rothenberg

Founding Editors
Thomas Frank
Keith White
John Summers, editor in chief (2011–2016)

Past Publishers
The MIT Press (2012–2014)
Conor O’Neil (2009–2010)
Greg Lane (1993–2007)