Female superb fairy wren, fledgling journalist, or frightened onlooker at Trump rally? / Patrick_K59
The Baffler,  January 14, 2016

Daily Bafflements

Female superb fairy wren, fledgling journalist, or frightened onlooker at Trump rally? / Patrick_K59


• Yesterday afternoon, Al Jazeera America unceremoniously announced the end of all television and digital operations and a massive round of layoffs, to the detriment of another corps of journalists and the delight of a coterie of trolls.

• Much like those in the news industry, it seems that some birds are losing their desire to sing in the midst of widespread predation.

• In light of NFL owners’ recent vote to relocate the Rams from St. Louis to Los Angeles, plans are in the works for what one team owner calls “absolutely the greatest plan ever conceived in sports, as far as how to put the show on.” Rather than simply building the Rams a stadium, the league plans to build “a city that has the NFL as a featured aspect of it.” The project may cost up to $15 billion.

• We . . . haven’t quite figured out what to say about this.

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There is still the issue of childcare—there is no access to public or state funded childcare. The attacks on public education. The attacks on the public infrastructure. All of these have disproportionate impact on the lives of women. On a very basic level, we need a feminist politics that responds to these issues as the most urgent. I think we saw that the outpouring around the January 21 protest showed that there is actually vast support for a resurgent feminist movement. Part of our objective is to argue for a certain kind of radical politics within that and not for a political agenda that is quite limited and has this kind of narrow goals about the social mobility of women within corporate America as a sole objective.

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Or, put it this way: Paul Ryan went out onto the tightrope. The crowd, so long adoring their golden child, cheered. But a jester got the best of Ryan.