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Vivian Maier Considers Heaven from a Bench in Rogers Beach Park Chicago

In Heaven nobody will be alone

In Heaven   except for me and nobody

  Nobody calls    nobody comes

My nobody expands across the country


The way a parachute expands across

The sky   it does if you’re right under it

  In Heaven they’ll throw me    in the lost

And found    where I guess everybody goes


At first   now   that I think about it   what

Will be my special place apart   I wonder

  Or will they leave me in the lost

And found box after they have scooped the heaven-


ly out   a permanent person in a tem-

porary place   roles are reversed in Heaven

  Nobody calls   nobody comes

In Heaven I expect the children are


A kind of furniture   nobody sits on

Like flowers in Manhattan    maybe sometimes

  They’re brought to God and God says This one

And that   ottoman is sent back to life


A baby   and for some this seems to never

Happen   I think I’m such a child returned

  Most things in my life seemed to never

Happen before they happened   now they seem to


Have never happened though they have   for the time

Being I am   for now I’m stuck in most

  Things having never happened I’m

A lamp   shining in an abandoned building


But for a lamp I think that would be Heaven