Suppose: a Device for measuring subdural space.

Let your Device be audible in all nightmares.

Suppose: all nightmares stick to the nerves & veins.

All veins get injured. Let that be true.

It’s a great honor to get injured in a nightmare.

The honor is: you can activate your Skeleton-Gear.

Let X equal the force of your Skeleton-Gear striking a Life Token.

Let M equal the length of one nightmare.

Now multiply your Devices.

The shearing pain in your head comes from linear force.

You must have filled your head with Life Tokens.

Or: you’ve kicked a headful of Tokens with linear force.

Try to locate your Life Token without touching it.

Try to release your Life Token without locating it.

Then press ‘ESC’ to affix your nightmare to a plane.

Your Device will jangle when it’s ready to start affixing.

Let your nightmare expand along the inside of your Skeleton-Gear.

It’s true that some nightmares have flags.

Indicate your readiness by smashing a handful of turf.

Collect: the Feelings Token.

Collect: the Flag Token.

You can step right out at any time.

Kiki Petrosino is the author of Fort Red Border and Hymm for the Black Terrific. She is an assistant professor of English at the University of Louisville.

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