Poseidon’s Lover En Route


Beneath ice,

She undulates,

Such carefully timed rifts,

Oxygen fills her soul

Dreams and deepening skies,

Beasts roam daily,

Cold midnight sleeps.

Suns and cheers

urge on every surging wake,

momentum and roiling seas,

toes merge as leaves,

a flood,

daffodil stems,

crystallizing contours,

shouts she cannot hear,

a spine folding back,

foam coursing hair,

children as moments,

fusing gray,

grafting to a wave,

windmills, organic machinery,

stolen from stillness,

her eyes obtrusive infusions,

collapsing and twisting,

writhing to surface,

soaring in arcs,

from agonizing dins.

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TJ 1015 .H66

Elizabeth Hoover

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.H66 Unknown possible utterance—compact cassette tape—ca. 1996-1963- present—1/8’’ magnetic. . .


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