Luke Cool Hand I’m Your Father


Nurturing people into junkies

par for the course


pills & fear

& salt & sugar & grease


@the dollar store

they did have a choice



Softly killing them softly


@consumerist rates

science isn’t final


on a few points if you want

to smear smear


just don’t misconstrue me

I get paid well for it



And poets who get paid as much


wholly we listen to them

don’t get all Che on me cheri


my patients my

as if I own them


as long as they’re nothing

but patients



And they me of course


they are called lives

this life loved you


that one got you a newsboy cap

gift card for fancy steak


or asked you to her house

or funeral



In tyranny there’s also love


as gesture & as such

compassion is easy


a deductible or co-pay

or who’d do this calling



a who’s who club



As for mass murder


it doesn’t need to occur

acutely in order


for it to be that

It’s not the hell one enters


but the hell one enters others into

& also enters

Fady Joudah's most recent poetry collection is Footnotes in the Order of Disappearance (Milkweed Editions, 2018). He's a recipient of the Yale Series prize and a Guggenheim fellowship for poetry.

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