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love just don’t fade away

I said I’m proud of you , he said the same

I said what’s that missing from , what’s that hail

and will I wake from these visions of defection to change them

in time to change them ? to puncture that kind

of gun wave gun lean gun warning crisis call

that eschatological hemorrhage from the image factory


is time ill , curable ? can justin timberlake still distract from the

war ? what’s pride in the states ? no kids and people say good

—but I was so hurt by the idea . between the day end and the destitute—

running over the bridge to get sun , bread


it’s a miracle of material so I can explain it—there’s no

antisocial destination , jerking and scratching

the uprising actually exceeds reason—it transforms meaning

this orange burst in the air—the floodlights pulled down to the street


we can’t just tap our veins for content when we haven’t eaten what’s needed—I fell out on the white sheet

of the bed and depressed a hole in the world , brought back with ice and honey—I tried


to reassociate—the burning precinct more than

pleased me—pleased to enter my life from inside it

and ask what’s the real horizon—but

when he heard that, he lost patience . lost it

that’s how it looked from across the room , where I live


so we have to look superheroism in the face and peel it off

not get shaved to pieces by fishbone , fishscale of propaganda

in the black night , it’s nasal , aluminum , fucks your DNA up

      makes the image wet with plasma and weeping