from Odi Barbare


Boreal light-loaded incorrigible

Plutocratic anarchy breaks the archons

Little praised here more adamantine than those

       Clapped into durance


Herod rants | pageants on their wooden tractions

Cannot hold him · Now he is in the shambles

Butchers Row · Come back you old wakeman | watch us

       Cartwheel to ruin


Terms at law viz Tragedy Anticommons

Tudor statecraft sounds only half as stately

Interludes they acted in fiery winter

       Heywood and Medwall


So then tell us what inspiration | sets I

Magination back on its heels of rancour

Inner cells where rigged Politeia banters

       Tokenless furies


Shall they break us twice in unbroken cycle

Lords of our time | losers of others’ livings

Negative life equity left our children

       With a bone ploughshare


Who are these restless in the darkened kingdom

Apprehension memory clamour spectral

Turn in conned sleep murmurous vexing nation

       Now and regardless

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