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Business Punks Rule

It’s Business Punks now. Those words went through my head as I saw a broad-shouldered Armani-suited lifer shove a lesser man aside, striding down the streets of his hard-rocking birthright. The city, being white or at least buying it, always buying it, but shopping smart, going hard, going out for the pass until it passes out but JUST GOING. As soon as I saw those punk emblems on his lapels, I knew the time had come for the ultimate melding of anarchy and the invisible hand, individualism to the very hard core. So this season it’s spiked hair and Barney’s NY Kilgour, French & Stanbury corndogvan leather cap-toes, ripped up and fucked up with ARGYLE in any color you feel like. Sid Lives, and like Mike Milken, he did you his way.