No, not that kind of boat. / MrPanyGoff
The Baffler,  August 29, 2016

Daily Bafflements

No, not that kind of boat. / MrPanyGoff


• Anthony Weiner, sexting extraordinaire, is at it again—this time with a Trump supporter. It’s probably not a viral marketing campaign for the documentary about “Carlos Danger’s” escapades, which Chris Lehmann reviewed back in June. As recent media outpourings indicate, we’re back, yet again, in the dark world of Weiner—where “a chillingly blasé record of colliding human appetites, puffed-up, dissected, and puffed-up again by the new media landscape, [come together] in an indistinguishable blur of tabloid sensationalism and social-media titillation.”

• Whoever is using the email address connected to Trump’s doctor, Harold Bornstein, is ready to literally cash in on the Donald’s campaign—to the tune of $325 an hour

• “Forget TED. Davos is old news. The next generation of thought leadership, Summit at Sea, takes place in international waters.”

Meet the folks who are helping to make your Facebook feed an insufferable hellhole filled with political memes and spurious content.

• Lucy, one of our ancient human ancestors, was as clumsy as you.

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