The locks that launched a thousand lawsuits. / Gage Skidmore
The Baffler,  June 15, 2016

Daily Bafflements

The locks that launched a thousand lawsuits. / Gage Skidmore


• Today, in lawsuits: Peter Thiel’s lawyer-for-hire has decided to intervene in the wake of a Gawker investigation into Donald Trump’s mysterious hairdo. Delving into the origins of Trump’s gravity-defying coiffure is, somehow, libelous. One has to wonder what emotional “distress” Gawker’s several-thousand-word article caused the alleged source of Trump’s garish do. Who knew providing “microextensions” to balding men was such a sensitive subject? 

• Speaking of emotional distress: meet the long-suffering Hillary Clinton supporters who, without a hint of irony, have reported they can stop keeping their political leanings in the dark. Que lastima!

For the undocumented victims of last weekend’s shooting in Orlando, the hurdles are endless.

• “The grieving is not only for dancing, or for a sense of place — though these are the same places, the bars and clubs, that are disappearing from our cities and towns at the same time as we are told LGBT rights have been achieved. The grieving is for the lives stolen from us, and also for the possibility found where bodies gather in full life and power,” writes Baffler contributor Melissa Gira Grant at Pacific Standard.


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