Curry rationing. / Robert Hunter
The Baffler,  January 12, 2016

Daily Bafflements

Curry rationing. / Robert Hunter


• Chelsea Manning mourns former Baffler contributing editor Aaron Swartz three years on from his death, and reviews a new book of Swartz’s essays. She writes:

If Aaron had lived even a few decades longer, he really have could have changed the world, far surpassing the ways in which he already has. All is not lost though. With a little faith and a little luck, we still can.

So… what are we going to do?

On January 28, John Summers, Baffler editor in chief, is in conversation with Justin Peters, who has written another book—about Swartz “the idealist”—which appears today.

• Surprise, surprise: defending Tinder’s CEO, Sean Rad, is “like someone saying something nice about Bill Cosby, and he comes out in the news two months later with something worse,” dishes a cofounder to Nellie Bowles. Take this anecdote of equal-opportunities culture in Silicon Valley: “She’d want to come to product meetings, and Sean would say, ‘No, you can’t come in. No girls.’” No wonder Tinder employees have, as Bowles has it,  become “sarcastic . . . beleaguered.”

• What can we blame for the Great British Curry Crisis? British Home Secretary Theresa May’s xenophobic immigration policies? Uber? Innovation? All three, it turns out!

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