Designer milk: coming to an overpriced shelf near you. / Andrew Wilkinson
The Baffler,  April 14, 2016

Daily Bafflements

Designer milk: coming to an overpriced shelf near you. / Andrew Wilkinson


• Is the new, small-batch milk trend Uber for dairy? As Time reports, “Maybe it was inevitable: The small-batch, locally-made foodie trend that’s swept through everything from beer to chocolate to poultry is now reaching a new frontier: the humble milk jug.” For just $14 a gallon you, too, could be drinking milk that was pasteurized at . . . sorry, we nodded off. If $14 designer milk isn’t what you imagine dunking your Oreos in, stay tuned for an essay on the leisure-class bullshit of the foodie movement, coming your way from Heather Havrilesky in The Baffler’s summer issue.

• Lady thought leaders! Here’s Carrie Kerpen (CEO of Likeable Media and self-described “female entrepreneur and candid storyteller”) in Forbes, giving you the advice you need to up your personal branding game with Snapchat. “I’m here to tell you that if you are a woman who speaks, sponsors or attends conferences, or is a leader at your organization who wants to show your team that you’re on top of the latest trends–look no further than Snapchat geofilters,” writes Kerpen. “As female leaders, we are constantly discussing our ‘personal brands.’” In these dark, Sandbergian times for women at work, we like to return to Susan Faludi’s incisive Baffler no. 23 salvo on self-help mantras for working women and the legacy of some other professional women—the mill girls of Lowell, Massachusetts.

• Feeling a little behind in this brave new world of fancy milk and Lean In Snapchat filters? Check out the Center for Corporate Studies for a few pointers.

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