Elon Musk is avoiding the Michelin Man look. / David Hunter
The Baffler,  May 9, 2016

Daily Bafflements

Elon Musk is avoiding the Michelin Man look. / David Hunter


• Last year in the Baffler, Neda Semnani wrote the story of her parents, a pair of Iranian revolutionaries, and of their lives in the lead-up and aftermath of the 1979 revolution. Under the repressive “revolutionary” rule of the new leader, Khomeini, they found themselves “working against the regime while living inside the country.” Yesterday Semnani retold that story, and explained her relationship with it, on a radio show.

• Baffler senior editor Chris Lehmann is back in The Guardian reminding us that in the United States corporate tax evasion is now and ever shall be: “Don’t expect Obama’s latest announcement to strike much fear into the hearts of the same global tax dodgers who are, after all, heavyweight lobbyists and major Democrat donors,” Chris writes.

• Billionaire and space fashionista Elon Musk has declared he wants his SpaceX astronauts to look “badass,” and, never one to sit on his hands and wait for his fancies to pass, has hired the costume designer behind such superhero epics as Batman and The Avengers to dress them up.

• Curators are editing.

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