Some light relief. / the jaswi
The Baffler,  March 28, 2017

Daily Bafflements

Power, turbulence, and spiders

Some light relief. / the jaswi


• Baffler contributing editor Astra Taylor discusses power with Jillian Johnson, LA Kauffman, and Jonathan Matthew Smucker: “The people who were supposed to protect us from this failed,” Taylor says, “and part of it is because they had offered mealy-mouthed neoliberal policies as opposed to bold moral visions. There was a fear of naming the real enemy.” (Thanks, The Nation!) Last year, Taylor wrote about the kind of organizing that builds power in The Baffler.

• Presumably sick of all the good news we’ve been enjoying of late, the Washington Post reports: “Spiders could theoretically eat every human on Earth in one year.”

• Today in billionaires: Uber, but for private jets, is experiencing turbulence.

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