Beach reading. © Kathy Boake
The Baffler,  June 7, 2016

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Baffler no. 31, attributing debt, oversharing

Beach reading. © Kathy Boake


• Today we premiere our summer issue, entitled “Memory Holes,” a series of dispatches from distinct destinations, real and imaginary, at which history has been sacrificed, overwritten, or restyled. Whether you’re in Hungary, where Susan Faludi foresaw Trumpist America, or Hollywood, where world building was always about fantasy and fakery, come into the shade of the architecture of memory.

• HBO prankster John Oliver disappointed in his show on debt forgiveness when he passed off the methods developed by debt activists as his own stroke of genius.

• Over at Pacific Standard, Melissa Gira Grant writes how, “To put it in alarmist Millennial trend piece parlance, [Chelsea] Manning’s crime was made akin to impulsive oversharing.”

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