Philip Evergood. / Sharon Mollerus
The Baffler,  October 17, 2016

Daily Bafflements

Liveblog on Wednesday; evil needs glamour; thanks, Billy.

Philip Evergood. / Sharon Mollerus


• The only thing that got us through the abject depression of the last “presidential” debate were the witty asides of Baffler regulars Natasha Vargas-Cooper, David Rees, Laurie Penny, and EIC Chris Lehmann. So we will be liveblogging the next debate, on Wednesday—tune in and chortle along darkly!

• When theologian Gerald W. Schlabach claimed that “evil needs glamour in a way that the good does not,” he could have been writing about Donald Trump

Here’s some art by American communists.

Thanks, Billy.

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the law stares across the desk out of angry eyes his face reddens in splotches like a gobbler’s neck with the strut of the. . .

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The Betrayal of Democracy

Chris Lehmann

The globalized power elite that may feel more at home in Taiwan or Singapore isn’t objectionable because its members may be in thrall to some sinister, unpatriotic economic loyalties, as Bannon and his retinue of Trump enablers tirelessly insist. No, the members of the placeless, merit-obsessed global ruling class deserve our scorn because they’ve turned their backs on the larger project of sharing democratic civilization on an equitable basis with their fellow citizens. Instead, they’ve arrogated knowledge—an artificially scarce social good—as their own monopoly franchise and, in the process, systematically hollowed out the local institutions and impersonal forums for public debate that helped diffuse a democratic civilization.

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