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Weekly Bafflements

I'm just a boy, standing in front a girl, telling her she has a huge ass.
Art for Weekly Bafflements.


Release the tapes

Despite David Frum’s pearl clutching over our precious norms, it should be obvious to anyone that the deluge of leaks coming from this administration is a good thing. In the New Republic, Brian Beutler lays out an argument that embarrassment over leaks might be the only effective prompt to pressure Congress into action.


The ghouls are dead, long live the ghouls

And just what happens when Trump is gone? Emmett Rensin warns that “the bourgeoisie alliance will turn its full power on the left, and the real work will begin.” It’s a necessary and sobering reminder that the left should have hope, but it also needs power.


“But when a mother loses a child, as she would later put it, part of her sanity goes with him.”

If you want a longread, check out this incredible piece of reporting by Jaeah Lee in California Sunday Magazine. Lee spent a year with Gwen Woods, whose son was shot and killed by the police, to witness what happens once the breaking news crews disappear and the headlines fade.


On a singular friendship

Not much else to say about this besides it’s Patti Smith writing about Sam Shepard. It made us tear up, and we’re pretty much dead inside.


My Dick Got Hard for a Curvy Girl, I’m Basically Susan B. Anthony

Finally, we have a contender for the Inaugural Matt McGorry Prize In Male Feminist Excellence. His name is Robbie Tripp. He lives in San Francisco. He gives TEDx talks. Somehow these aren’t even close to being the worst thing about him. For the love of god, please stop congratulating men for doing the absolute bare minimum.