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man... fuck this guy. | Wikimedia Commons
The Baffler,  September 1, 2017

Weekly Bafflements

It's important to have ideological diversity. Like publishing both morons and actual murderers.

man... fuck this guy. | Wikimedia Commons


“I’m Sick Of Busting My Ass Doing Neo-Nazi Stuff Only To Have Some Masked Antifa Dweebs Get Credit As The Real Fascists.”

A lot of very dumb and/or cynical people wrote about Antifa this week but the only piece worth your time is this one, from Clickhole.


“Pay me to do murders” is not an opinion.

The New York Times Opinion section has been doing yeoman’s work pissing away all the good will their very capable reporters have generated under this administration. But deciding to publish an op-ed by mercenary war profiteer Erik Prince (yes, that ERIK FUCKING PRINCE) was truly something else. At Splinter, Libby Watson had a predictably wonderful take on the whole mess.


Please let Ashley Feinberg uncover the pee tape.

Speaking of thoroughly capable reporters, nobody runs down a story like Wired’s Ashley Feinberg. This week, she found the Amazon Wishlists of various Trump administration members.


“Humans break. Twitter breaks them. Again, this is a website I generally enjoy.”

Future Pulitzer prize-winner David Roth took to Deadspin to explain a phenomenon he has been tracking for some time now: the Tweet ratio as baseball slash-line. You do not have to know anything about baseball to find this essay delightful. Please enjoy.



Adrienne Jeffries had been curious about how Equity Crowdfunding would work. She decided to investigate by purchasing 181 shares in “, the ‘free speech’ Twitter clone founded by ostracized Silicon Valley Trump supporter Andrew Torba.”

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