A dog and a human living in harmony. / Robert Couse-Baker
The Baffler,  October 28, 2015

Daily Bafflements

A dog and a human living in harmony. / Robert Couse-Baker


Each year six different dogs shoot six different people. Not deliberately. More dogs are shot by humans than humans by dogs. Dogs rarely fatally shoot humans. Only one cat has ever shot its owner. (Chase Madar wrote about human-on-human gun violence in his review of Jennifer Carlson’s Citizen-Protectors in The Baffler no. 28.)

• “If the government balances its books, it makes it almost impossible for you to balance yours.” Watch a Guardian video of Baffler contributing editor David Graeber talking about debt.

• As your privacy becomes more of a joke, take cheer in the fact you can buy a “really strong” password that has been “crafted by hand” by an eleven-year-old password artisan!

• Despite endless think pieces about it, innovation is still shrouded in mystery, according to . . . another innovation think piece.

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