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It's the pits. / Danisabella
The Baffler,  April 19, 2016

Daily Bafflements

It's the pits. / Danisabella


• Last year Procter & Gamble harnessed the magical power of deodorant in their “Mean Stinks!” bullying campaign, as documented by Baffler managing editor Lindsey Gilbert in issue 28. Now that ever-loving, ever–community focused corporation is taking on “larger, generational reasons why young women sweat—often because of political, gender-based struggles.” Yes, if you identify as someone who thinks there are structural inequalities in society, “Secret” is the deodorant for you! AdWeek points out the brand’s, uh, patchy follow-through:

It would be nice to see the brand take things further by offering resources to women who want to learn more and obtain tools to actually fight the pay gap. (Nothing like this has yet been announced by the brand, or appears on the website.)

And stay tuned, ye sweaty hordes, Amber A’Lee Frost will bring you a sweat-based column tomorrow.

• Also in advertising, ever had “ansiedad, depresión, neurosis obsesiva”? Many do. Please enjoy these wonderful Spanish drug adverts from the sixties! And you might also be interested in a collection of George Scialabba’s mental health files, published in The Baffler’s “Sickness and Pelf” issue, too.

• Now that Trump thug and ex-campaign manager Corey Lewandowsky has been demoted (to “body man and scheduler”), it may be time to return to Chris Lehmann’s “Jaundiced Eyeball” column about his scrap with Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields.

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