Luckily, raising the offspring of the one percent is just like training a puppy. / pictures of money
The Baffler,  July 16, 2015

Daily Bafflements

Luckily, raising the offspring of the one percent is just like training a puppy. / pictures of money


• Today in billionaire dads: tech mogul Marc Cuban, of Shark Tank fame, gives parenting advice in Entrepreneur magazine. Telling an interviewer that he doesn’t want his kids to be “materialistic,” the owner of a $40 million private jet swears that his kids will grow up understanding the need to work for what they have. Only slight more absurd is Cuban’s Shark Tank co-star, Kevin O’Leary, describing his own approach to raising well-heeled spawn: “I put their nose in [money]. It’s like training a puppy.”

• Elsewhere in lifestyles of the rich and famous, eyes are on the new Forbes list of the world’s billionaires. Of the 1,826 billionaires in the world, 197 are women, according to the 2015 list. Where can you go to find more gender parity amongst the one percent? In Chile, Peru, and Monaco, women represent one third of billionaires, while Angola, a nation with just one billionaire, Isabel Dos Santos, can claim a technical victory with 100 percent female billionaires.

• How do you measure innovation? While plenty of companies like to throw around the I-word, there’s no real consensus on what it means or how to quantify it. In recent years, the number of patents filed by a company or nation has been the go-to metric, but futurist and tech blogger Dominic Basulto outlines some problems with this system in an age of patent-trolls and open-source campaigns.

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