Practice makes perfect, Elon. / wackystuff
The Baffler,  June 26, 2015

Daily Bafflements

Practice makes perfect, Elon. / wackystuff


• After two crashes, Elon Musk is “uncertain” whether his third Falcon 9 rocket will be able to make a successful landing on the drone ship “Of Course I Still Love You.” The Tesla CEO’s SpaceX venture aims to provide cheaper, privatized methods of space travel, but after the most recent Falcon 9 rocket crashed attempting to land on the drone ship “Just Read the Instructions,” the company is reining in its hopes.

• As the booming tech industry raises rents in the Bay area, The Baffler has your back, potential tenants. Just check out this sweet listing we found for your very own 9 ft. x 7 ft. tent! For the low, low price of $899 per month, you can enjoy your luxurious, semi-secluded abode in someone else’s Mountain View garden. And don’t forget the amenities: the renter can eat inside and is entitled to one shower per day.

• So, your company has failed, and the rent on your tent is due soon. What’s a startup founder to do? Well, according to these entrepreneurs, the next step is to hold a startup post-mortem. The key to a successful post-mortem, it seems, is to identify the ways in which the startup’s failure is someone else’s fault.

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