The Baffler,  April 22, 2015

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Have we awoken from the American dream? / Ian Barbour
Have we awoken from the American dream? / Ian Barbour

• This week in Billionaires: Justine Musk (ex-wife of Elon, the Paypal founder) posted advice on online forum Quora, as is her wont. In the past she has put out such fires as “How can I be as great as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson?” and “What is the purpose of striving to be elite?” This time, she fielded, “Will I become a billionaire if I am determined to be one and put in all the necessary work required?” (Justine’s answer? “No.”)

•Which begs the question, have we awoken from the American dream?  

•Yahoo’s earnings have tanked. But be brave of heart. Thanks to Chris Lehmann’s salvo in Baffler no. 27, we know the company will soldier on as ever, stalwart in its “aversion to the most basic canons of newsmaking.”

•Today in Rude! A New York judge rescinds the habeas corpus she bestowed on two chimps, a tech start up is handing over naked pictures of sex workers to cops, andworst of allBuzzFeed refuses to employ a policy of positive discrimination for rich kids. Whatever next!



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