You're sure it wouldn't fit in your apartment? / LeAnn E. Crowe
The Baffler,  March 30, 2015

Daily Bafflements

You're sure it wouldn't fit in your apartment? / LeAnn E. Crowe


Baffler founding editor Thomas Frank talked bank regulation on WBAI’s Julianna Forlano Show this weekend.

• Living in an area with high income inequality could be shortening your life, according to the New York Times.

• In yet another round of waxing philosophical on the spending habits of Millennials, the Washington Post reports that twenty- and thirty-somethings don’t want their parents’ discarded, oversized furniture. Is it because “Millennials are design-conscious, informed consumers,” or because they are “living a more transient life in cities. They are trying to find stable jobs and paying off loans.” Either way, the Post oh-so-astutely observes, those darned Millennials “don’t appear to be defined by their possessions, other than their latest-generation cellphones.”

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