Under Warren Buffett's desk, probably. / Photo by Jasonk.
The Baffler,  February 26, 2015

Daily Bafflements

Under Warren Buffett's desk, probably. / Photo by Jasonk.


• Today in Billionaires: Fortune reports that Warren Buffett, 84 years old but going on 6, “stays youthful by drinking at least five Cokes a day,” three during the day and two at night. He is also really into Utz “potato stix,” and eats ice cream for breakfast.

• Even with the proposed wage hike, many Walmart employees can’t make enough money to live on the inconsistent, part-time hours they’re forced to work. Like many other hospitality and retail companies, Walmart benefits by having more part-time workers and fewer full-timers. “By hiring a large pool of hourly workers whose hours can expand or contract depending on business need, retailers can better sync hours to demand, experts say; posting schedules with limited advance notice allows managers to further minimize the risk of assigning too many hours,” the New York Times explains. “Restricting work hours also limits outlays on overtime and employee benefits.”

• Can Qatar end its migrant worker abuses in time to host the World Cup in 2022, many are asking? Um, probably not, others are answering.

• Propublica has a good, simple timeline of the net neutrality fight to catch you up on what’s happened and what’s at stake. The FCC will vote this morning on a new set of rules.


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