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The Baffler,  November 21, 2014

Daily Bafflements

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• Today in Millionaires: Japanese millionaire Chisako Kakehi has been the beneficiary of almost $7 million in insurance money after the death of seven husbands and boyfriends over twenty years, reports the Guardian. Her latest husband died of cyanide poisoning; she was arrested this week “in what appears to be Japan’s latest ‘black widow’ case.” (Via Deborah Blum.)

• Today in Harbingers: Eric Cantor has moved on from public service, of course, but now so has his old crew, reports Bloomberg; a trio of his former Congressional staffers have started a lobbying firm called Harbinger Strategies. (Via Jack Shafer and David Dayen.)

• Tuition-hike protests have been getting heated this week, in both California and London.

• When Naomi Klein did a Reddit AMA on Thursday about her new book This Changes Everything, she was asked, “What are your thoughts on the future of capitalism in the United States?” She answered, “My thought is that it’s at war with the future.” She also wrote, in response to another question, “I always tell people that the most important thing they can do is join groups of other people taking action…. What’s important is to break out of the mindset that climate change can be tackled by invidual action. Those actions are important when they model change, but they do not substitute for organizing.”

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