Who does this guy think he is? / Photo by Ali West.
The Baffler,  October 2, 2014

Daily Bafflements

Who does this guy think he is? / Photo by Ali West.


• Power corrupts everyone eventually, even the most honest of us. It’s science.

• Headline of the Day, via Huffington Post: “Pro-Union Burger King Worker Disciplined for Poor Pickle Placement.” (Runner-up: “Facebook apologizes to drag queens.”)

• Well, of course: the New York Post reports on the savvy investors and would-be-Wall-Streeters who are now jumping into the “potcom boom” as marijuana becomes legal in more and more states. The article begins with Josh Gordon, who sells high-end joint cases for the discerning stoner. “His dad, whom Gordon calls ‘a conservative guy’ that retired from Wall Street five years ago, was skeptical at first. But he eventually helped Gordon raise $60,000 in seed capital to start Bureau (formerly known as Rodawg), which wants to position its marijuana storage devices as a lifestyle brand for dispensaries and users, on par with the likes of John Varvatos and Godiva chocolates.” (Via Kevin Roose.)

• Today in Labor Strikes: court clerks in California, teachers in Ohio and Illinoispostal workers in South Africa, ambulance drivers in the UK, janitors in Australia, Lufthansa pilots worldwide, and 10,000 workers in Honk Kong.

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