Bernie Sanders campaign HQ in Eugene, Oregon. / Rick Obst
The Baffler,  March 20, 2017

Daily Bafflements

Bernie’s growing popularity, the cybersecurity racket, and feminism for the few

Bernie Sanders campaign HQ in Eugene, Oregon. / Rick Obst


• As the Trump campaign’s links to Russia are finally investigated by the FBI, it’s worth reading Yasha Levine’s salvo “From Russia, with Panic,” in which he wrote about how the Democratic party and the media propagated findings of Russian interference from CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity firm whose founder Levine remembers from his time reporting on the 2008 Georgia-Russia war.

 Yasmin Nair was on the radio, discussing “Rights Make Might” her evisceration of neoliberal feminism in Baffler no. 33.

• A new Fox News poll concludes that Bernie Sanders is a more popular politician than Donald Trump (or any of the other options).

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