Carrie: a Donald Trump story. / Jon Rubin
The Baffler,  July 18, 2016

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Something's going on; covered in pig's blood; swept under the rug

Carrie: a Donald Trump story. / Jon Rubin


• The list of people who blame themselves for fueling Trump’s sense of self-pity, which no doubt will be on ample display in Cleveland, is ever growing. A Buzzfeed reporter, whose critical article he fears goaded Trump into running, offers a follow-up mea culpa: “Trump just sat there, stone-faced, stunned, simmering—Carrie at the prom covered in pig’s blood. Looking back on that night, Favreau and Lovett told me they were torn about having added weight to the chip on Trump’s shoulder.” Susan Faludi investigated “how self-pity goes postal” in the summer issue of The Baffler.

• The world’s six richest countries, which combined make over half of the global GDP, have taken in less than 10 percent of refugees. Astra Taylor wrote about wealthy nations’ efforts to sweep refugees under the rug in Baffler no. 31.

• Today in innuendo: Next time Trump implies that Obama has a hidden agenda he can’t prove, maybe he could expand his repertoire of double entendre. We’ve all heard “there’s something going on” and dark mumblings about body language before. How about using this  . . . evocative language instead?

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