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The Baffler,  June 27, 2016

Daily Bafflements

Brexit, U-turns, #TrumpSoPoor



• “A lot of people still think they just voted in a referendum on immigration. What’s more, they think they won,” writes Abi Wilkinson on Brexit, over at Vox. “The problem isn’t necessarily that 52 percent of  voters agree with the far right, it’s that the far right think they do.”

• One “Leave” voter in the EU referendum (and, uh, profiteering former editor of British tabloid the Sun) is starting to question his judgment. Poor guy.

• In his “Jaundiced Eyeball” column last week, Chris Lehmann wrote that “#TrumpSoPoor partisans also inadvertently endorsed the idea that rich candidates come bearing superior presidential credentials,” and predicted that this is “the very sort of appeal Trump can be counted on to make as he stumbles into general-election mode: Just give him more cash, and he’ll be a credible candidate.” And lo! It came to pass.

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