The terrifying world of Bowling Green. / Faith Goble
The Baffler,  February 3, 2017

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Kellyanne Conway’s latest error, and a look into Steve Bannon’s psyche

The terrifying world of Bowling Green. / Faith Goble


• Where were you when the tragic Bowling Green Massacre happened? We can’t remember, but we do know, at least, that Kellyanne Conway was wandering around confusedly in a world of “alternative facts,” most likely nowhere near Kentucky. If it isn’t clear yet, the Trump administration is now making up terrorist attacks to support its noxious anti-immigration agenda. Now may be another good time for the media to heed Chris Lehmann’s advice to give up being evenhanded. 

By the way, if you are concerned about this tremendous, non-existent massacre, head over to the Bowling Green Massacre Victims Fund, where you can donate your hard-earned funds to none other than the ACLU.

• Then again, maybe Conway is getting reality mixed up with Steve Bannon’s leaked film outline on the rise of the “Islamic States of America.” The document, which was obtained by the Washington Post, offers a succinct summary of Bannon’s world view. But, as the Post notes, “it’s unclear why ‘Great Satan’ was never produced.”

• Over at Vice, a former editor is now being accused of using the company to recruit runners for a “transnational cocaine-smuggling ring.” Don’t say we didn’t warn you

• Beware of creeping “Shakira law.”

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