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Issue no. 17
June 2006

Superslayer Storybook

This one we produced in Chicago and Washington, D.C., at the tippy-top of the bubble. Thomas Frank describes the Washington culture of centrism. Thomas Geoghegan tells what inequality does to the rule of law. Andrew O’Hagan remembers where he was when William S. Burroughs died. Jim Arndorfer reveals how the fortune of a Milwaukee plutocrat helped to change the nation’s politics. Kim Phillips-Fein understands online poker as a symbol for bubble-time economics. Steve Evans describes the rise of backlash poetry and “Free-Market Verse.” Jim McNeill honors labor bureaucrat Victor Reuther. Catherine Liu observes the ultimate commodification of dissent in Singapore. Matt Weiland marvels at Chautauqua reenactors. With fiction from Martin Riker and Whitney Terrell. Spring 2006.

Table of Contents

Intros and Manifestos


Odds and Ends