Daily Bafflements

The BafflerNovember 03, 2015
The Baffler no. 29, "The Family That Preys Together," sallies forth onto newsstands today, with cover art by Jordin Isip

The Baffler no. 29, “The Family That Preys Together,” sallies forth into the world today, with wonderful cover art by Jordin Isip.

• We’re proud to introduce the newest member of the Baffler brood—our twenty-ninth issue, “The Family That Preys Together”! Find it, and its all-too-healthy set of lungs, on newsstands! The online roll-out begins today with Kathleen Geier’s blinding investigation into “the domination of politics by family clans.” Have a read: “Trump might gleefully mock the rest of the GOP field as ‘puppets’ dancing attendance on the great American oligarchs such as the Kochs,” Kathleen writes, “but only because his own staggering wealth means he’s one of the masters of the universe holding the strings.” It’s bedtime for democracy.

• Today in bespoke technology: “Bentley has come up with a solution for dead-inside one percenters: an iOS-only facial recognition app that reads customers’ emotions to work out which Bentley Bentayga SUV is best for them . . . Like a tarot card reading for billionaires who can’t decide whether a chestnut or walnut veneer best fits their monstrous sense of self-importance.” (Thanks, The Verge!)

• We’re retroactively considering this tagline for issue 27: “The Baffler, putting the Sartre into sartorial.” (Too kind, The Street!)

• Today in “good for business, but plainly ridiculous”: consolidating local TV news.