Daily Bafflements

The BafflerNovember 30, 2015
Papal footwear lined up with thousands of shoes in protest in Paris. / Larry Koester

Papal footwear lined up with 20,000 shoes at the climate protest in Paris. (The Pope didn’t send these fancy heels in, and instead parted with a pair of “plain black shoes.”) / Larry Koester

• After much begging and pleading with the Federal Aviation Administration to let it use drones to deliver packages, and setting up a special taskforce, Amazon hasn’t yet been able to find a safe way to do it. But that hasn’t prevented the company from releasing an advert for the service, Amazon Prime Air! In so doing they’ve found a sickening collective noun for drones. According to Amazon, it’s a family.

• Today in forgeries: Illegitimate daughter of the duke of Milan, or Sally, checkout girl from Bolton, UK?

• Earlier this year JFK announced it was opening a terminal for pets. Now LAX is planning the same (quarantine and all, we assume) for celebrities.