Daily Bafflements

The BafflerDecember 15, 2014
Photo by Les Chatfield

Photo by Les Chatfield

• A new study has found that increased working hours are to blame for Americans’ chronic, collective sleep deprivation.

• The UK’s Labour party is pushing for a new law to limit unpaid internships to a month, after which employers would be required to pay interns a national minimum wage.

• “In a party-line 3-2 decision (PDF), the National Labor Relations Board ruled Thursday that employees who use company e-mail to do their jobs can also use it to organize to improve them,” reports Bloomberg Businessweek. “[T]they can still keep tabs on their employees’ e-mail activities, though they can’t single out union activism for scrutiny.”

• Timing is everything: Amazon workers in Germany go on strike to demand better pay and working conditions, just as Christmas orders peak. Up to 2,000 workers are expected to join, and “delays to deliveries could not be ruled out as a result,” according to Reuters.