Cover art by Carl Dunn.
The Baffler,  March 8, 2016

Daily Bafflements

Cover art by Carl Dunn.


• Say “hullo” to our thirtieth issue, a breezy look at the collective panic afflicting the nation in election year! As John Summers writes, “Sober pundits intone, how do we balance liberty and security, freedom and security? We? Balance?  The bywords of America in 2016 are more like plutocrats and jittery.” Today we roll out Kade Crockford’s salvo “Keep Fear Alive,” on the trillion-dollar business that is the national security state, and Corey Pein’s “Everybody Freeze,” which examines the craze for heads-on-ice that is sweeping Silicon Valley. Look out for salvos by David Graeber, Astra Taylor, Tom Frank, and Evgeny Morozov, among others, as well as liberating stories by Ottessa Moshfegh and Ludmilla Petrushevskaya, poetry by Dulce María Loynaz, Edwin Muir, and Natalia Ginsburg, and more. And, after all that, why not subscribe?

• “For all the articles about Trump I had read in recent months,” writes Tom Frank in The Guardian, “I didn’t recall trade coming up very often. Trump is supposed to be on a one-note crusade for whiteness.”

• Who’d have thunk it? Dystopic people-rating tools are still in business.


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Running Riot

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In Psychology 101 you learn of those “false binary” or “false dichotomy” situations that crop up where two viewpoints are so powerful they tend to pull all other options into their orbit. If you're not capitalist, you're socialist. In Chicago if you're not a White Sox fan, you're a Cubs fan. You're either with us, or you're against us. Or, to use an example that upended plenty of Thanksgiving dinner tables, if you think Hillary sucks, you love Trump. But as the modifier in “false binary” suggests, these black-or-white decisions aren't real. There's always another option present. When you see a broken window during a protest, you don't have to “completely condone” the action if you don't “admonish it entirely,” or vice versa.

word factory

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Thomas Frank

But there was more than civility on the panel. There was active goodwill. It was clear that we wished one another well.


Dilbert’s Revenge

Hannah Gais

The gospel of Scott Adams is one of mediocrity untroubled by humility, which means that now is the perfect time for him to. . .

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